Who is KSI?

Olajide William Olatunji or JJ, better known online as KSI is an English YouTuber who makes comedy and video game commentary videos. His online moniker KSI is a shortened version of his YouTube channel, KSIOlajideBT which stems from his old Halo clan and Oljide is his actual real name and BT stands for British Telecom (referencing to his English nationality). He previously had a YouTube channel called JideJunior, which gained popularity due his videos about funny commentary while playing FIFA. He continued doing his current YouTube channel, KSI.

In 2011 he started a series on his channel called “Football Rap Battles” which features him rapping as different famous football stars and has continued to release comedy style music similar to “Lonely Island” on iTunes. In March 2015, KSI released a book called “KSI: I Am A Bellend” and in June of the same year, he starred in a movie called “Laid In America” with fellow YouTube personality, Caspar Lee. In 2016 he opened his own Vevo channel to release his music. KSI currently lives in London and has a younger brother who is also a YouTuber named Deji, his YouTube channel is called ComedyShortsGamer.

KSI Social Media:

Facebook: 2.4 million likes

Twitter: 2.77 million followers 

Instagram: 4.4 million followers 

YouTuber: 16 million subscribers

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