Who is Markiplier?

Mark Fischbach also known as Markiplier is a YouTuber mostly known for his video game commentary videos. . He has one of the most popular YouTube channels in the “Let’s Play” genre with over 16 million subscribers. Markiplier initial claim to fame is his playthrough of the indie horror computer game, “Five Nights of Freddy” series which he beat and was dubbed “the king of Five Nights of Freddys”. Other games he gained popularity from playing through are “Amensia: The Dark Descent”, “Slender”, “Minecraft” and “Happy Wheels”.

His love of video games started from a young age when his brother and him would spend hours playing games on their Super Nintendo. Markiplier started his YouTube channel while he was in college at the University of Cincinnati half-heartedly pursuing a degree in engineering. After a serious health scare, he decided to do what he had always wanted and started to fully make gaming videos on YouTube. Markiplier’s video game playing style is often described as a mix of of a sarcastic, panicked and constantly screaming, yelling and mass confusion. Markiplier is also considered one of the most caring YouTubers, doing many video game liver streams to raise money and awareness for charities like Child’s Play, Living Beyond Breast Cancer, American Cancer Society, etc. Currently Markiplier lives in Los Angeles and is currently dating Amy Nelson, a graphic designer and animator from Cincinnati.

Markiplier Social Media:

Facebook: 3.1 million likes 

Twitter: 5.58 million followers

Instagram: 5.5 million followers

YouTube: 16.9 million subscribers

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