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One of the NBA’s biggest stars teamed up with one of social media’s biggest voices for an
amazing new music video sure to go viral. Entitled “Best Roommate Ever” the Brita-sponsored clip sees Steph Curry and Andrew ‘King Bach’ Bachelor, jamming out like all best friends probably do, except they did it on YouTube for the world to see!

Written, produced, and directed in the studio that brought you YouTube’s Rewind montages, Portal A, a bachelor daydreams about life without his current roommate. A roommate who just so happens to leave the Brita pitcher unfilled in their refrigerator. So Bach does what anyone would do, he begins to envision life with Steph Curry as his roommate, complete with secret handshakes and mini-basketball games in the living room!

Brita even has the behind-the- scenes footage and a 30 second version that will live on YouTube’s Brita page. Look for Bach’s custom edits on his Instagram and Facebook as well.

Together, the duo have 55 million followers across social media: Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube. King Bach is currently shooting feature film “Where’s the Money” with Method Man and Logan Paul.


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