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Who is Vanoss Gaming?

Evan Fong otherwise known as VanossGaming is a Canadian YouTuber known for his comedic video game commentary videos. Unlike many other gamers on YouTube, Fong wasn’t initially super interested in video games as a kid. He did plays games like “Freddy the Fish”, “Pajama Sam”, “Duke Nukem 3D” and “Crash Bandicoot”, however much of time in his younger years was spent playing ice hockey. Fong even received an athletic scholarship for the sport to attend university, where he studied economics. It was while he was at university where he started making YouTube videos as a hobby and, started taking it more seriously after his video series titled “Call of Duty: Black Ops II ‘funny moments’ videos” helped him gain a lot more subscribers.

Fong’s videos are usually comprised of he and his friends making funny commentary while playing popular video games. His most popular game series is around “Grand Theft Auto V”. Fong has also ventured into other avenues, such as making his own PC game called “Dead Realm” and appeared in the YouTube Red computer animated series, “Paranormal Action Squad”. VanossGaming is one of the most subscribed to channels on YouTube, garnering over 20 million subscribers, making him the 13th most subscribed channel on the site. Fong currently lives in Los Angeles.

Vanoss Gaming Social Media:

Facebook: 2 million likes

Twitter: 2.14 million followers 

Instagram: 2.4 million followers

YouTube: 20 million subscribers

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