Who is Vegetta777?

Samuel de Luque Bateuecas also known on YouTube as VEGETTA777 is a Spanish YouTuber mostly known for his gameplay and is one of the popular Spanish-speaking YouTubers. VEGETTA is from Madrid, he started his YouTube career by making videos playing through Uncharted 3. He has continued making gameplay videos of other computer and video games such as Minecraft, GTA V and Rainbow six.

His most popular gameplay series is based around Minecraft. He currently has over 17 million subscribers and has made over 3,000 videos for his YouTube channel. He has also written six books (Wigetta, a magical journey, Wigetta and the Golden Staff and Wigetta and the Secret Antidote, Wigetta and the Jasmine Worms and Wigetta in the Dinolimpiadas). He currently lives in Madrid with fellow Spanish YouTuber, Willyrex.

Vegetta777 Social Media:

Facebook: 3.2 million likes

Twitter: 4.55 million followers

Instagram: 2.2 million followers

YouTube: 17.4 million subscribers 

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