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Gabriel Montiel Guti√©rrez, known online by his username, Werevertumorro, the online personality is also a former Mexican soccer player who played in the third division of Mexican soccer. His username is inspired after a verse from Incubus’ song “Drive.” He is the second most popular YouTube channel with a total of 13.2 million subscribers. Overall, his channel ranks #46 in subscriptions for all of YouTube.

Gabriel’s YouTube channel consists of comedy videos, including parodies and honest reviews of TV and movies. You can find a lot of sketch comedy as well as animated content. He’s also really good friends with other influencers you may be familiar with, including Juanpa Zurita and Rudy Mancuso.

Werevertumorro’s Social Media:

Facebook – 22.3 million likes

Twitter – 8.15 million followers

Instagram – 3.6 million followers

YouTube – 13.9 million subscribers


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