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10 Tweets That Prove These Influencers Are Deserving of The @ Pack Memberships!

With the glorious news that comedian and YouTube star Elijah Daniel was starting his own “Team 10” we’re up in arms about discovering who would be part of the group. Though the members of The @ Pack have not been officially named, we’re fantasizing about our dream members.

What we do know is that whoever officially becomes part of The @ Pack, they’re going to be hilarious, because Elijah is pure gold.

We’re so fucking excited.

Instead of offering bios of the wonderful people who could be joining, we’ve decided to turn to Twitter and count the 10 times they tweeted so hard, we just couldn’t handle it. It’s very deserving of @ material.

1. Elijah reminds us we’re really in the matrix.

2. It’s never too late Christine.

3. Remember this tweet? We do.

4. SAME.

5. Seriously, those things are annoying.

6. The struggle is real.

7. Guess Ashly won’t be promoting McDonald’s anytime soon.

8. The social media life.

9. Slay.

10. We feel it Lena.

Needless to say, we need an official list soon, because we can’t even.