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10-Year-Old Alina Now Has Over 140,000 Subscribers After Heartbreaking Video

Alina says she looked everywhere for her fans that promised to show up for a ‘meet and greet’ at a park…they never did.

Alina, who is a 10-year-old Russian YouTuber, was hoping to meet some of her 3,000 subscribers at the meetup, but no one showed.  Despite the promises she was given, the aspiring Russian vlogger was brought to tears when she took to her channel to explain what happened. The video has itself garnered 1.2 million views, which means her 3,000 subscriber count?…

Out the window. Alina’s YT channel is now well over 140,000 subscribers and rapidly climbing.

Alina originally built a following by making slime and showing off her toys. But with every tear came a new subscriber.

“I was waiting there for 30 minutes but no one came…please don’t lie to me like this ever again…I am begging you not to lie to me like this…I thought I would finally see my friends and subscribers.”

And while this can be seen as good news: poor girl breaks down after internet trolls lie to her about showing up so the rest of the internet world decides to stand behind her and support her type of thing, we can’t help but point out the obvious.


Alina is 10 years old for crying out loud, and the fact that a failed meet-and-greet has broken her down into tears is truly heartbreaking because it reveals that she more than likely, doesn’t have many friends, or any for that matter. Your friends and subscribers? No, friends happen at school while on the playground, not online. The girl created riddles and brought prizes, so we’re sure she had a lot of time (and help) which means her parents are enabling her. We totally understand that we live in a digital era, but children need to be socially prepared before venturing off into the .com world. Also, there’s a way to do it right, and her parents being absent isn’t the way.

We know there are a lot of young YouTubers out there, but this young? Not only that, what parent allows their child to meet strangers at a park? Regardless of views, subscribers, popularity, there is no excuse for indulging upon that behavior. Children have been kidnapped while under their parents’ supervision, so who’s to say that it couldn’t have happened? On top of that, the internet is notorious for hosting pedophilia rings and underground illegalities that would make any loving parent cringe. Children online have not always turned out the best results, as evidenced by the Daddyofive scandal and the child pornography case that Austin Jones found himself in.

Maybe the kids should ditch the internet for coloring books. At least for a while, is that too much to ask for?


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