10 YouTubers’ Pets On Instagram

YouTubers love their pets, So much so that they often create Instagram accounts dedicated to their furry friends allowing them to shine on their own.

Here is a roundup with our picks for the 10 cutest YouTuber’s Instagram pets:

1. Ryan Higa’s Roku the Shibu Inu

Happy birfday dad.

A post shared by Roku (@rokutheshibainu) on

2. Fouseytube’s Dollar and Muffin

ummm dollar..i'm a little squished here. ??

A post shared by Dollar & Muffin ? (@dollarandmuffin) on

3. Ricky Dillon’s Luna the pig

I love my new huge backyard! I love exploring it and rooting around?

A post shared by Luna the Pig (@luna_piggy) on

4. iJustine’s DJ Mini Matt

Good morning

A post shared by Matty (@djminimatt) on

5. A Model Recommend’s Dexter and the Bear

Yeah, and?

A post shared by Dexter and The Bear (@dexterandthebear) on

6. Logan Paul’s Maverick The Parrot

7. Cameron Dallas’s Jaxx

The thirst is real!!!! #huskyofinstagram

A post shared by Jaxx (@huskyjaxx) on

8. Julien and Jenna Marble’s Iggy Peach

i got a nu shirt

A post shared by peach (@iggy_peach) on

9. My Life As Eva’s Golden Hanalei

10. Maddi Bragg’s Dexter the Aussie

some bts of my mom's music video! i was in one of the scenes bc i'm a star

A post shared by dexter (@dextheminiaussie) on


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