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The 12 Best Superfruit Videos!!

In honor of Superfruit dropping the pt. 2 of their EP #FutureFriends, we are giving you our top 12 Superfruit videos!!

1. When they taught us that any song can be broadway

2. When they showed us Arya Stark is actually pretty funny!

3. When they proved to Mamrie how hard they stan Beyoncé

4. When they became Miranda‘s new baes

6. When they showed those Disney Channel stars how it’s done

7. When they showed the world how strong their security guard is

8. When they put their trust in Jenna‘s hands

9. When they took Carpool Karaoke up a notch

10. When they became the beauty gurus we didn’t know we needed

11. When they made us all jealous of their glorious ball pit

12. When they made us realize how much we actually like Miley

We are SO proud of Superfruit and their amazing new music! What’s your fave song so far? Let us know over on Twitter @TrendAllDay