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Jay Versace Will Make You Want to Get ‘Stuck in the 90s’

The premise of Jay Versace’s “Stuck in the 90s” is simple, Jay has to do some very crazy 90s based tasks to get out of the decade that existed before social media… all while trying to get internet famous.

The show is a fun romp with a lot of 90s homages. We love that Jay was thrown into the decade by getting stuck by lighting! Some of Jay’s challenges include doing a collab vid on a VHS cam corder, being a contributing member of a boyband, and learning how to use a thigh master.

The highly stylized show was directed by Yuri Baranovsky who is no stranger to the internet. He’s also behind some early internet web series including Leap Year, and The Temp Life. Versace and Baranovsky compliment each other nicely in this fun romp that will make you deeply want to buy a pair of hammer pants!


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