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5 Female Driven Web Shows That Should Be on TV in 2017

It’s no secret that women are deeply underrepresented in Hollywood both in front of and behind the camera, so every time a female-driven web show is successfully discovered and makes the leap to television, it feels like a victory.

This year’s hero-story is absolutely Issa Rae. The woman went from virtually unknown to Golden Globe nominee in what felt like a year’s time, when in reality she was her own best advocate as an independent web series producer with Awkward Black Girl.

Here’s a look at five shows from 2016 that we think deserve to make the leap as well.

1. Binge – in this deeply raw, funny, and honest look about life with an eating disorder, producer and star Angela Gulner is on full display exercising her vulnerability and acting chops. The show is not just for someone who’s ever struggled with an addiction, but really for anyone who’s ever felt isolated and alone.

2. Ex-Best- This short form show tells the story of two best friends going through a break-up forced to now face adulthood… alone? What’s great about this show is that it rarely touches upon a cat fight but instead gets into the nuances of what a real, deep female friendship feels like. From watching the show you feel that for real-life friends Monica Hewes and Diana Gettinger this friendship runs deep.

3. The Katering Show– these two Aussies are little bit off, and it’s absolutely wonderful. Kate McClennan and Kate McCartney are absolutely wonderful at satirizing the modern cooking show and millennials unnecessary obsessions. Also, this satire runs deep touching on women’s issues and female friendship like only a dark Aussie comedy can.

4. Her Story- this show follows the lives of three women (two trans) as they try to navigate dating while navigating sexual identity. The series was nominated for a Gotham Independent Film Award.

5. Ladies Room- this show is making all kinds of year-end lists, as well it should. Think Broad City but set in a ladies room in India. This show makes the world feel a little smaller when you realize ladies are dealing with the same issues in any ladies room pretty much anywhere in the world, and this show is a reminder our problems feel less painful when you can laugh at them.


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