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5 Times YouTubers Got Epic Custom Play Buttons!

YouTubers are getting all the play button love.

The world of YouTube is quite a difficult one to find success in. As accessible as the streaming platform may be, not everyone is equipped for YouTube royalty. It’s a lot harder than our older generations may think; to create content on a regular basis and maintain a fan base is a 24/7 job. For that special class of YouTubers, an award goes out to celebrate their milestones.

Take for example PewDiePie, who received the first and only Ruby play button for hitting 50 million subscribers. It’s safe to say no YouTuber is even close to approaching the 50 million club anytime soon. But how interesting can a play button really be when you’ve looked at it a dozen times?

So YouTube and even fans took to customizing play buttons for their fav YouTubers’ milestones, and they’re honestly way better.

We’re counting down our favorite 5 customized play buttons!

1. XpertThief surpassed 3 million subscribers and received this giant GUMMY. Yummy!

2. Kwebbelkop received a custom play button from 2 subscribers! He also surpassed 3 million subscribers.

3. Matthieu Libeert hit 10k in subscribers and created his own carbon fiber button!

4. Simply Nailogical made her 1 million subscriber play button a bit more nailogical with Holo nail polish!

5. And of course, we can’t forget the man, the myth, the legend, PewDiePie and the only Ruby play button.


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