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This Is The Most Aesthetically Pleasing Art Instagram You’ll See

Visual artist and photographer, Jose Lourenco, has an Instagram account that will please anyone’s eye, not matter what theme they themselves like to use.

That shouldn’t surprise us though, considering the title ‘visual artist’ is quite literally right there in his bio.

Lava Ice Cream 🍨 • #jose_icecream 🔥

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What colour should I use?! 👀 @morfeum ✨

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What we love about Lourenco’s account in particular is that he doesn’t seem to focus solely on one thing, outside of his abundant use of color. There are multiple themes that continue on throughout his images such as his reimagining of paint on paint brushes as ice cream cones, or his real life ‘like’ insertions from social media.

There’s likes everywhere…! ❤️ • #jose_symbology & #instasymbology

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There is a certain type of organized chaos that exists within his work, because even though the color compositions have so much within them, they are paired with a sense of minimalism that is easy on your eyes.

Honestly, that’s pretty hard to do.

Lourenco often combines social media with his art, which also leaves for an interesting take away. The physicality of putting an intangible element such as Instagram likes into his work really brings the mindset behind them to life.

We wish we had half the conceptual innovation he does when it comes to creating art.

Check out more of Jose Lourenco’s work on his Instagram right here!