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See Why Alfie Deyes Shut Down This YouTuber!

YouTuber Alfie Deyes of Pointless Blog isn’t tolerating this clickbait video from Carmie Sellitto of the channel TouchDalight. In the video Carmie released, the title blatantly implies that Alfie cheated on longtime girlfriend Zoella (Zoe Sugg).

As it turns out, Alfie DID NOT cheat on his bae… and the video is about Alfie smooching his pup, who is NOT human and therefore would not be considered cheating unless you’re dense.

Carmie posted his video to Twitter and Alfie responded:

Then, Carmie made a follow up video to explain to his audience why he and Alfie had “beef.” In the video he basically reasons that making clickbaity titles is a practice all YouTubers do and doesn’t care if you hate on him and “doesn’t give a fuck” but added he felt triggered because some comments pissed him off (eyeroll).