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Alissa Violet Confirms Relationship With Jake Paul Was Fake And Claims He Abused Her

Former Team 10 member and YouTuber Alissa Violet sat down with Shane Dawson to open up about the abuse she suffered at the hands of Jake Paul despite the relationship being fake.

Alissa Violet’s claims in the latest episode of Shane Dawson’s ‘Mind of Jake Paul’ docuseries has raised a lot of eyebrows and confirmed a lot of suspicions.

“We never officially dated.  Ever. ‘Jalissa’ was fake,” Alissa revealed to Shane.

Viewers had already speculated that Jake’s last two relationships were all for show.  Alissa claims the veteran YouTuber had realized that couples bring in more views and ultimately more cash on the platform.  He used her images video thumbnails and played up their on-screen romance but in reality, she admits she felt as though she was constantly chasing him.

She says that during this time Jake was also sleeping with other girls.  Her breaking point came when he wouldn’t allow her to go on a Team 10 trip because he wanted to hook up with another girl.  She says this is the incident that led to her having sex with his brother, Logan Paul, out of frustration.

After Logan announced that he had slept with his brothers ‘girlfriend’ she was slut-shamed by Jake’s fanbase. She felt the harsh criticism was completely unfair given that they were never actually an item so she hadn’t technically cheated.

“I’m still disgusted by it because it’s not who I am.”

She also spoke on the abuse she dealt with while living in the Team 10 house which she claims was never physical despite being dragged down a flight of stairs by Jake after an argument.

“Mentally and emotionally, it’s 100%.  I can’t even remember a conversation where it was like, me walking away feeling good about myself.”

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