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All Of Your Favorite Influencer’s Followers Are Bots!

Well, not all of them…but a lot of them!

If you ever wondered how that content creator you absolutely can’t stand has millions of followers?  Wonder no more because there’s a good chance a large percentage of them could be bots. Thanks to Twitter Audit, you can find out the exact amount of robo-followers that any Twitter user has-including top influencers and YouTubers.

Although the influencers on this list have a ton of bots following their accounts, thankfully for them, their real followers outweigh the fake ones. But the results are still shocking.

We don’t want you to risk getting Carpal Tunnel Syndrome so we’ve done all the digging on our end so you don’t have to.  Check out our list below!

1. Lilly Singh

2. PewDiePie

3. Markiplier

4. Logan Paul

5. Liza Koshy

6. David Dobrik

7. Ninja

8. Tana Mongeau

9. Shane Dawson

10. James Charles

11. LaurDIY

12. Gabi DeMartino

13. Jeffree Star

14. Rhett & Link



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