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Amanda Cerny’s Guide To Getting Famous On Social Media

Amanda Cerny has been serving as a spokesmodel for Guess, and during one of the recent events, she gave a speech all about her rise on social media.

In the speech, she basically outlined how to get famous on digital platforms, and who better than to hand out such advice than Amanda Cerny, who nets nearly 18 million followers on Instagram alone?

Amanda started posting on social media because she wanted to act but needed an acting reel. This gave her the idea to start creating comedy videos marketing herself to agents and managers. Then Vine was launched, and she discovered she could easily create 6 second clips with minimal editing required, and began seeing her views drastically increase and her audience grow.

Here are the key steps that Amanda revealed helped rocket her to social media stardom:

1. Consistently posting content every single day.
2. Continually improving content by reading and listening to the comments left by your audience.
3. Be mindful of your platform’s demographic and speak to it.
4. Grow your audience by expanding to other platforms (Instagram, YouTube, Snapchat, Facebook) and adapting to their unique audience and make daily content for each of them.
5. You don’t have to be perfect. People will see you as “real” and you’ll stand out with your own personality.
6. When you’re at a high enough level that users have started taking your content and reuploading on other accounts, start using watermarks on your photos and videos that contain your username (i.e. @AmandaCerny) so any new fans can find you if they like those posts.

So if you want to grow your social media reach, you better be following these proven steps, as Amanda clearly knows her stuff. At the Guess event, she also revealed she is currently developing a full series for television, so stay tuned!


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