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Amazon Partners With Hispanic Influencers For Holiday Campaign

SandraCiresArt, RosyMcMichael, Superholly, and La Capital join Amazon to promote the company’s new Spanish language setting.

Amazon has rolled out a new feature which allows Spanish speaking customers to browse the website in their native language.  The company is working with well-known Influencers in the Latin community to help spread the word.

Comedian  SandraCiresArt,

Lifestyle Influencer RosyMcMichael,

DIY vlogger Superholly,

and cooking channel La Capitaltook to social media to encourage Spanish speaking viewers to take advantage of this awesome new feature that will definitely make shopping during the holiday season much easier.

With a combined multi-million digit follower count across social media, and a reported  6.6 million collective views on YouTube and 412,000 engagements, it seems the campaign is working!

Check out more about the partnership on their official social media pages!




La Capital


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