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Andrea Russett Just Opened Up On Instagram

It’s hard to maintain a strong social media presence when you’re struggling with your mental health, but Andrea Russett just opened up a conversation about exactly that.

The YouTuber and actress took to her Instagram account yesterday to post a lengthy and honest caption about how she has been struggling with her anxiety a lot lately, and has a hard time asking for help.

i’ve been having a reaaaally rough couple of weeks with anxiety. it started to feel like anxiety had more control over my life than i did, and rather than asking for help i bottled it up and tried my best to pretend it wasn’t happening. i was getting about three hours of sleep a night, canceling plans with friends, and avoiding everyday tasks. yesterday i finally hit a point where i knew i needed to address it for what it is. i have anxiety. but i am not my anxiety. it has felt like every month it has slowing raveled more and more out of control and every day tasks became more and more overwhelming. but im making the conscious decision to acknowledge it, and find a healthy way to combat it. i’m posting this because for myself at least, i struggle with asking for help out of fear of no one understanding what i’m going through or feeling. so if you feel similar to this in any way, you’re not alone. and you’re going to be okay. be kind to yourself. mental health is so so important and never anything to be ashamed or embarrassed of. ♥️

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It feels like mental health awareness has been a bit of a theme lately amongst Influencers, and we’re totally here for it. It’s a common misconception that YouTubers don’t get down, just because their content is edited to usually only include the fun stuff, but that’s not true.

Andrea’s wrote that she decided to post about her struggle because she wants anyone who might be going through the same thing to know that they’re not alone and that they’re going to be okay. Mental health is so important, and we’re glad that more and more Influencers are speaking up about it.

We hope that Andrea is feeling better, and we’re so glad she’s finding ways to combat her anxiety!


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