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Another One Bites The Dust For Team 10

Could it be that we are actually seeing an amicable split between a Team 10 member and Jake Paul? Quite possibly.

Alex Lange, who has been a member of the now notorious wannabe YouTube gang for over two years, just announced that he too will be splitting from the rest of the team.

Really feels like a theme lately, doesn’t it?

“This wasn’t really an easy decision to make but after talking it through with the Team 10 family and others close to me, we all decided that it was the best next step for everyone.”

The video announcing his departure is pretty short and straight forward, and Alex makes sure to clarify that there is no secret drama surrounding his decision. Mostly, it seems like he just wants to go in a different direction than where he is currently headed as a member of Team 10.

With this shift, fans can expect to see a larger video output from him on his YouTube, and maybe even catch him in some acting roles.

“I’m gonna start posting YouTube videos 2 to 3 times a week consistently as well as spending more time focusing on pursuing acting.”

Alright Alex, we see you there following your dreams.

We’re kinda curious to see if this split remains as friendly as it’s starting out, because if there’s one thing that has been proven time and time again, it’s that no one leaves Jake Paul unscathed.

Check out Alex Lange’s full video down below where he explains in detail why he has decided to leave Team 10.


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