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Another Team 10 Member Quits: Head of Engineering Says Goodbye

Is this coincidence or is something in the water at Team 10’s headquarters?

Right after reporting on the departure of COO Nick Crompton and recently personality Chance Sutton, another team member has left the nest. Drake Rehfeld may not be in front of the cameras but he did play a huge role in the Team 10 operation as their Head of engineering. Drake was with the company for 1-year before his Tweet on May 7th simplicity stating:

“Some personal news: Friday will be my last day as Head of Engineering at Team 10. I’m moving to San Francisco to work on Splish Creative full time on Saturday.” Check out the rest of the tweet below.

Rehfeld made sure to thank everyone at Team 10 and says his time there and with everyone was “awesome.” It seems as Drake might just be great at what he does and doesn’t shy away from opportunities. Doesn’t sound like he had any particular problem with his position at Paul’s or with anyone there. He was Snapchat’s former Research Engineer and Splish Creative seems like it may be his next level up career-wise.

Drake managed all of Team 10’s digital properties including Paul’s Edfluence Social Media Course and the Lit Snowball Fight App. Rehfeld marks the 5th employee to go after Crompton, Sutton, Tessa Brooks and The Martinez Twins.

What do you think about these departures? Is it just coincidence or is there something going on?


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