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Ant Clemons Is Giving Us Kanye’s Sunday Blessings & We’re So Here For It 

IG influencer @AntClemons is giving us Kanye’s Sunday blessings and we’re so here for it 

So… Idk if you’ve been following @antclemons but if you haven’t… now’s the time because he’s giving us internet gold.


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Feels Like I Won The Grammy #happy2behere

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What started out as an impromptu trip by Kanye West to find inspiration in Africa after Drake called him out on the show “The Shop”… has turned into a weekly Sunday gathering of amazing music making by the legendary producer/rapper/designer, etc. We’re guessing this is happening in Calabasas, CA based on the scenery… but only those in attendance can say for sure.

Now, this writer is NOT a fan of Kanye’s red hat or offensive opinions on the history of this country… but the new music is hot and the last thing we need is another music icon falling from grace…I digress!

Cut to @antclemons. A true influencer, he influences some of the biggest influencers in the game (like Kanye) and if you go to his gram you can see him singing Michael Jackson’s monster hit: “I’ll be there” with a huge choir and Kanye directing the affair.
We don’t know what they’re recording but its clear @antclemons is one of the few people that have been releasing content from the Sunday services on his IG and they’re epic.


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J E S U S W A L K S #happy2behere

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Be sure to check it out and we’ll keep you posted if anything super cool pops off.
Much love,

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