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Anwar Jibawi Featured On Instagram’s Meet The Creator Series on IG Live

27-year-old YouTuber Anwar Jibawi is the latest digital media star to be featured on Instagram’s official page for their ‘Meet The Creator’ IGTV series.

YouTuber Anwar Jibawi’s hilarious one-star review videos have become so popular on Instagram that the platform decided to highlight the creator on their official page.  Instagram is taking you behind the scenes of a taping of Anwar’s one-star review videos featuring influencer Leli Hernandez.

Usually, viewers only get to see the finished product but we are getting exclusive behind the scenes access thanks to Instagram.  Anwar and Leli are reviewing a product that resembles a blow-up version of a 1950s divers helmet.   The show’s host can’t figure out the best way to use the product until Leli remarks that it sort of resembles a Halloween costume.  Anwar agrees and the video takes a drastic turn from a product review to a Halloween costume tutorial and demonstration.

Check out the official IGTV video exclusively on Instagram’s official page.  For more laughs take a look at our previous post for some hilarious skits and videos from social media comedian Anwar Jibawi’s and hit us up on social @Trend All Day to let us know your favorite Anwar skit!


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