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‘Arun Considers’ Is the ‘Deep Thoughts’ of Now!

Arun Narayanan is a screenwriter, editor, and actor living in Los Angeles. That’s not novel, but his very simple web series, “Arun Considers’ is unique. The web series dissects Arun’s thoughts as he wonders iconic, and not so iconic, Los Angeles city streets.

Arun Considers Shaving from Arun Narayanan on Vimeo.

‘Arun Considers’ waxes philosophic on everything from pre-conceived racial issues to how porn will be the downfall of society, to how he plans on trying heroin on his 70th birthday (remember this, friends of Arun, this is the present he wants). All this content is nicely bite-sized, perfect for web consumption/ falling down the rabbit hole of Arun’s brain.

Los Angeles does an excellent job of playing itself in the series. The city has a way of idealizing, romanticizing and underscoring loneliness that only a true Angeleno can understand. Arun captures the sentiment perfectly in ‘Arun Considers’ as LA appears so uniquely itself while also doing a good job of playing ‘any old city,’ for a man deeply contemplating the meaning of life.

There’s something comforting about Arun’s musings. Maybe it’s knowing our own thoughts aren’t all that crazy. Maybe it’s isolating one man in such a large city ironically makes us feel more connected. Maybe it’s just that Arun is pretty funny, and that this is a good watch. Either way, falling into Arun’s brain is a fun ride for certain!

Congrats, Arun, we give “Arun Considers’ 8 out of 10 likes. It’s definitely worth the watch!