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Kids to Get More Life Hacks Via Universal Kids Network!

The hacking genre of YouTube videos is huge, and Awesomeness recognized this when they created ‘Life Hacks for Kids.’ It’s paying off. Awesomeness has just partnered with Universal Kids Network to bring the show to TV, and for good reason. Everyone loves a good life hack! P.S. these life hacks are so good you don’t just have to be a kid to enjoy them.

I mean, who wouldn’t want an aesthetically pleasing swing for their hamster?! Adorable and witty Gillian Espina will also make the leap from YouTube to TV as host. She will also take her hacks on the road for the television version which already has guaranteed ten episodes.

The show will premiere sometime in 2018. In the meantime you can binge tons of awesome hacks from Gillian. We give the web version nine out of ten likes!


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