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Baby Ariel Launches “ArielMoji” App Friday

Baby Ariel the Musical.ly star is getting her very own emoji app that launches this Friday. The app has a teaser website to get fans excited until they can download on Friday.



Ariel says of her new app:

“I was inspired to make this app because of my supporters. I want to give them a really fun, positive, and easy way to connect with each other through these really cool emojis.”

Ariel is also very excited by how authentic the app is:

“The phrases in the app are definitely ones I use in real life. I use ‘lit’ all the time, I say ‘dope’ all the time, I say ‘yaaaas’ all the time. ‘Love you’ — as you know I tweet that 24/7.”

The app is one part of a very busy social media empire for Ariel. She signed with CAA last year and has previously toured with DigiTour Winter. This seems like a great way to kick of 2017 for the girl who kills the follower game.


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