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Backpack Kid Suing Epic Games For Using His “Floss” Dance In Fortnite

Creator of the viral “Floss” dance craze joins the ever-growing list of creators who are suing Epic Games for stealing their moves without credit or compensation.

17-year-old Backpack Kid, whose real name is Russell Horning, enlisted the help of his mother to get what he is owed from Fortnite creator company Epic Games.  The teenager created the “Floss” dance move two years ago but went viral after he performed the dance alongside Katy Perry on SNL.

Now the dance is being used as a “reward emote” you can earn or pay $5 for on Fornite but Russell isn’t seeing a dime of that money.  He isn’t the only dance creator to sue Epic Games for stealing moves.  Rapper 2 Milly, creator of the Milly Rock, and Alfonso Ribeiro, creator of the Carlton Dance, are also suing the company as well.

The three men are all represented by the same law firm and share one huge thing common…none of them have copyrighted their dance.  But they are currently all in the process of doing so.  Alfonso and 2 Milly seem to have a better chance of receiving a huge payout because unlike Russell, they’ve never promoted or attended any Epic Games or Fortnite events.  They’ve also never been recorded saying that “it’s not that big of a deal, I’m just glad it’s in the game” when asked how they felt about not being compensated by Epic Games for the moves that they created.

Yup, that came straight from the horse’s mouth aka Russell The Backpack Kid and on to TMZ cameras.  Guess we’ll just have to wait and see if it works out for any of them.

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