Bae All Day: Brittany Hetzer

Brittany Hetzer - @itsbrittanyhetzer

Brittany Hetzer is a beautiful inked model and makeup artist, whose stunning body art has gained massive recognition worldwide. She has been featured on the cover of Inked Girls, and her career continues to take off as more and more people recognize the intricate artwork covering the gorgeous and talented model from head to toe.

Your tattoos are awesome! When did you get your first one and what was it?

“I skipped school on my 18th birthday so I could go get tattooed! I got a bird on my right shoulder.” 

Give me the total number of tattoos and piercings you have from head to toe:

“I honestly can’t count my tattoos. Some are just one big piece! I have over 100 hours of work on my body. And I have two piercings: My nostril and septum.”

Have you ever given anyone a tattoo? 

“I’ve never given anyone a tattoo. I plan to tattoo my husband some day, just for fun, of course. I’ll leave it to the professionals.”

I saw that you have ‘Rudy’ tattooed on your hip. Who is Rudy and/or what is the significance? 

“Hip/ass! And Rudy is my amazing husband.” 

What initially got you into modeling? 

“I got into modeling by traveling to tattoo conventions where I met some photographers. It was wild… Photographers just kinda told me I should do it, so, I tried it and ended up loving and being good at it.”

What’s one thing you are super passionate about that most people don’t know? 

“My family. I grew up super close to my family so it was hard moving away from them.” 

What’s next for Brittany? What are some of your future plans or things you want to accomplish next?

“My next step is always to just stay busy… Just shoot regularly, and keep the momentum going. If you just keep working success will naturally follow. I’m hoping to get my 20th cover by the end of next year!”