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Bae All Day: Emily Rinaudo

Emily Rinaudo - @emilyrinaudo

Today our Bae All Day, Emily Rinaudo, hails all the way from North Carolina and now calls Los Angeles home.

What was it like for you when you first moved to California?  What was the hardest thing to get use to and what do you love about the city of angels now?

I had never been to LA before I had moved out here so that def had to be the hardest part; and being away from home for the first time. LA is so different from my home town, but when I got here I fell into the LA life super fucking fast. I think the thing I like most is that I can run around half naked & its kinda normal.

If you could cast yourself on any running show today which one would it be and why?  

I honestly couldn’t tell you whats currently running on TV today? I’m not into sitting at home watching TV. But Is SVU still a thing?? That’s always been my shit.

You’re from North Carolina so I have to ask: Tar Heels or Duke and why?

Why does everyone think that just cause someone is from NC, they have a preference. Lol WHOEVER is winning.

What’s your #1 turn off?

Hmm, I hate bitch men. I remember one time I asked this guy I was talking to if he knew how to cut the grass. And he told me he actually had never done that. IDK it was a turn off for me.

What’s your # 1 turn on?

Sexually? I like neck kisses & lots of booty rubs. *cough* choking *cough*

Who has your favorite Instagram feed right now?

My boyfriend’s when he isn’t texting me back & whoever I think my BFFs boyfriend’s are cheating on them with. I’m a stalker, its ok, we all do it.  

What’s up next for you?

I’m sorry for how cliché this is going to sound. I wanna model more, get into acting, use my personality for something. USE MY POWERS FOR GOOD AND NOT EVIL.


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