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Bae All Day: Leli Hernandez

Our newest Bae All Day is none other than our girl Leli Hernandez!

After growing up in Miami, Leli hit the road for Los Angeles at just 18 years old (like a total badass) and never looked back.

“I’d study theater, [and I] grew up in Miami and then when I was 18 I was like, alright, it’s time to go to LA. So I was like ok, now it’s time to challenge myself.”

You won’t believe what she did when she actually got to LA though, which we’ll let you find out for yourselves in her full video interview– let’s just say, she’s lucky she didn’t get caught.

Leli is no stranger to the grind of Los Angeles, having basically hit the ground running, she’s gained a following for herself on social media with over 785k followers on Instagram.

It’s no surprise that she has such a great fashion sense though, because her inspiration in both fashion and life is someone who looks good no matter what she’s doing.

Wanna know who that is? Well once again, you’re just gonna have to watch our full interview with her to find out!

Check out our latest Bae All Day with Leli Hernandez to find out what’s next for her!