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Bae All Day: Uldouz

Our newest Bae All Day is the multi-talented Uldouz!

Uldouz Wallace, who originally was born in Iran, has lived and traveled all over and learn a whole bunch of languages along the way. Personally, we wish we were fluent in even half of the languages she knows!

Oh yea, and did we mention she’s a comedian?

With over 4.6 million followers on Instagram, Uldouz has her hand in a lot of different projects and industries. She’s both an actress and a writer, and clearly killing it in the Influencer game. Not to mention, her Instagram is full of hilarious skits like the one we showed you above that all feature a bunch of other familiar faces including Jason Nash and Vitaly.

So basically, you’re already missing out if you’re not following her, but don’t worry, now’s your chance! How’s that for a good way to combat the Monday blues?

Make sure you check out Uldouz as our newest Bae All Day!

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