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Bae All Day: Vivian Kindle

Vivian Kindle – @viviankindle

Today our Bae All Day is model Vivian Kindle, who you might recognize from MTV’s Wild ‘N Out, The Bold And The Beautiful, and her appearance on America’s Got Talent.

Being from Seattle, what was it like for you when you first moved to the city? What was the hardest thing to get use to and what do you love about the city of angels now?

When I first moved to LA being from Bellingham, there was a few things that i had to get used to. Because its a big city lifestyle here I had to adapt to a faster pace for literally everything. Everyone in Washington is super laid back! Also people aren’t exactly as sweet and easy going as everyone is in Bellingham, which to me was the hardest getting used to. I love the weather in Los Angeles and the fact that there is so much to do!

Do you find that the response you get on social media from fans is mostly positive? How do you deal with the haters?

To be honest with you guys I really don’t receive a lot of hate on my social media accounts. I think it has a lot to do with what you are portraying about yourself/posting and if there ever is any negative comments or DM/s I just simply block the person and go about my day.  Its when you respond to those things that feeds into peoples online bullying.

You have been on Wild N Out for 4 seasons, how’s your freestyle skills?

Yes, I have been on 4 very fun seasons!  I can’t say i can freestyle though hahah, us ladies leave that for the comedians on the show to do. They are the professionals.

On average, are you the dinner & a movie type or Netflix & chill and why?

I would say I’m the dinner and movie type over Netflix and chill especially if its a new date. I want to be able to leave at any given time if I’m not feeling the person.

Single or taken? Who is your celebrity crush?

I am currently single and my celebrity crush never changes. It will always be The Rock! Dwayne Johnson baby!

What’s your #1 turn off? 

I’m a hygienic freak! I pay attention to teeth, hands and feet. I mean basically just how well your hygiene is in general. Oh and wait… shoes!

What’s your #1 turn on? 

A beautiful smile with an amazing sense of humor would be my number one turn on.

Who is your favorite influencer or has your favorite Instagram story you’re watching right now?

Honestly I don’t have a favorite snap story that I watch but I’m really into watching anyone’s stories that has to do with make up tutorials.

What’s up next for you? 

I’ve accomplished a lot in a few different fields in the entertainment world and still continue to model and act but as of right now I am working on my own clothing line which is super exciting to me!


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