Bae All Day: Rebecca Louise

Rebecca Louise - @rebeccalouisefitness

Our inspirational Bae All Day is the lovely Rebecca Louise, a commercial pilot who has found immense success as an online fitness and lifestyle blogger. Originally from a small town in England, Rebecca moved to California in 2011 to learn to fly commercial aircraft. She would soon discover her true passion was not just fitness, but also to help others improve their lives through a healthy and active lifestyle.

When you were little what did you want to be when you grew up? 

 “I wanted to be a revision host on the British TV show Blue Peter and a ballet dancer.”

How did you first get into the health and fitness space? 

“I always played sports while growing up. I was a member of every single team you could imagine and even played in the boys soccer leagure! I played hockey for the south of England and began dance training at the age of 3. When I moved to California I was involved in a different YouTube channel around fitness and that was my stepping into the industry.”

What is it like now being a social media influencer? What’s one of your favorite things about it? 

“I am always working hard to create good content that will help other people in all areas of their lives. For me, I have a standard of work ethic to make the most difference to the world. I love to think of new ideas and have them come to light! My favorite thing about being an influencer is seeing the changes and results people achieve with my workouts and motivational videos. The messages I get from people who watch my videos always inspire me to keep making more.”

What’s one piece of advice you think everyone needs to know regarding health and fitness? 

“My first tip would be that understanding your nutrition is 80% of your results. We are what we eat. 20% is the exercise and 100% is the mindset we have.

“The second thing everyone needs to know is that quitting is not an option and consistency is everything! Believing in yourself that you can achieve results swings back to understanding 100% is about having the right mindset!”

What’s one thing you are super passionate about that most people don’t know? 

“I originally came to Southern California to learn how to fly airplanes! I got my pilots license in California and it is still a big passion of mine.”

Who or what are your top 3 inspirations for what you do?

I like to listen to motivational speakers like Tony Ronins, Les Brown, and Jim Rohn.”

Top 5 favorite songs right now: 

  1. Matt Simons - One Last Time 
  2. Let Me Love You - DJ Snake 
  3. Closer  - The Chainsmokers 
  4. Show Me Love - Sam Feldt
  5. 2 Heads - Coleman Hell

Alphie, your pup, is a big part of your videos; he pretty much has his own character. How/when did you start incorporating him? Does he cooperate on set?

“Alphie, or as he his known on Instagram @siralphie, is a huge part of the brand and has been from day one. He is hilarious! He is sleepy and also very frumpy, has perfect timing on set and is brilliant at posing for photos. He does his own thing on set and I like his style so I let him flow with what he is feeling!”

The new year is quickly approaching - can you give us some tips/tricks everyone should try to go into the new year healthy and happy?!

“New Years resolutions around health and fitness are one of the most popular. Why not find a nutrition plan and workout guide that you can follow not just for one month but for the whole year?! The nutrition plan I do is so simple and I have been able to maintain it with ease for over three years! I created a fitness calendar on my website ( that gives you the workout to do each day of the week and a recipe on Sunday. This makes it extremely easy to stay on track and doesn’t take all your time!”

What’s next for Rebecca? What can your fans expect next?

“Big things are happening in 2017 with Alphie and Rebecca. I will be holding more fit camps around the globe where I get to meet everyone who watches my videos. I will also be traveling a lot more to different countries to film my workout videos so you will get to travel the world and workout with me! There is a new spin-off brand in the works that focus more on adventures and travel experiences. There are also some very exciting projects still in the works that I can’t say much about, so be sure to follow my socials to stay up to date!”