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Barley House Footage Of FaZe Banks And Alissa Violet Has Been Released

Guys, this FaZe Banks and Alissa Violet drama is getting messier and messier by the second.

We reported recently that both FaZe and Alissa were supposedly attacked while out at the bar Barley House in Cleveland over the holiday weekend. But it wasn’t quite that cut and dry because the couple claimed that the security team and management were at fault for a large part of the brawl, and even accused the security guard of getting unnecessarily physical with FaZe.

Well as it turns out, it looks like the YouTubers might have been stretching the truth because Barley House decided to release security cam footage of the interior of the bar were everything went down.

Clearly FaZe still doesn’t approve of their side of the story. What a shock.

The footage that was released shows us what appears to be a pretty wasted looking FaZe and Alissa more or less loitering in the restricted area of the bar, which they had been asked to leave. When they don’t comply, things start to get weird, like they usually do when dealing with drunk and entitled people.

Still, we will admit that we weren’t there and the footage is a bit choppy, so we can never know what truly happened.

One thing is for sure though, we’re calling bullshit on at least half of what FaZe and Alissa said because from the little footage we have seen, it was clear that regardless of what actually happened to them, they both were instigators in the fight.

Even when dissecting what happened outside the bar when Alissa got punched, obviously the girl who hit her should NOT have done that, but we can’t help notice that Alissa was all up in her face too, which isn’t quite the same as two girls ‘randomly showing up and beating her up’.

FaZe promises to deliver a response video tomorrow about everything, so until then we’ll just have to sit and wonder.


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