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This Beauty Guru Is Under Fire For Suggesting Craft Glitter Alternative

There is a hot button issues brewing in the underbelly of the beauty Influencer community, and it’s all revolving around craft glitter.

Now if you’re reading this and wondering if craft glitter is a pseudonym for some sort of poisonous, satan worshipping make up trend, then rest assured that we are literally talking about actual glitter that you can buy at a craft store, hence the name.

Although, it might as well be the a tool for the devil considering how people are reacting to beauty YouTuber, Haley Wight, and her suggestion of using it as an alternative to makeup company sold glitter products.

“This is just a large glitter that smash box sent me a while ago. I think you can probably buy glitters like this at Michael’s or any sort of craft store.”

Apparently you can’t Haley.

Users were quick to point out the error in her suggestion by, rather intensely, dissecting just how bad glitter is to use near your eyes, and the dangers of offering it as an option to those in her tutorial.

Correct us if we’re wrong, but didn’t we say this a while ago when that whole unicorn tears trend popped up? We understand fully that there is a difference between using makeup based glitter products verses the ones you can glue onto school projects, but still. It seems there is a little bit of risk in anything you decide to put close to your eyes, right?

After all, even mascara can blind you if you hit your eyeball hard enough and at the right angle.

A few other people began to chime in with this same notion and the ridiculousness of it led craft glitter to be blamed for every bad thing that has ever occurred.

We don’t know what it is about this thread that brings us so much joy, but it does, it really does.

We have no clue if Haley is going to address this debate in any further videos, but if we’ve learned one thing from her tutorial, it’s that not all glitter is created equal.

Check out Haley Wight’s full video below!