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Which Beauty Influencer Ended Up On The Today Show?

Beauty gurus aren’t just made for YouTube anymore.

If you decided to wake up weirdly early this morning for absolutely no reason and suddenly felt the urge to turn on The Today Show, then you might have seen a familiar face.

YouTuber and expert in all things beauty, Laura Lee, made her first ever appearance on the show today, and fans were more than willing to forgo a little extra sleep to show their support for her.

Seems like it’s been a pretty good week for Laura, because outside of this she was also just verified on Snapchat. It’s awesome how much of an impact YouTubers are making and how they are now being featured on broadcasting networks to talk about what they do.

Congratulation to Laura on her epic debut! We hope to see more and more Influencers like her invited onto shows to talk about their work.