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This Beauty Influencer Was Just Assaulted While Abroad!

NikkieTutorials tweeted this weekend about a harrowing encounter she had while traveling in Amsterdam!

Apparently, the beauty influencer was assaulted by two men while she was out and about in Amsterdam with friends. In what sounds like a robbery attempt, they assaulted her in the hopes of grabbing her purse.

Nikkie tweeted earlier this week about heading to Amsterdam to dance with her friends, so it’s especially sad that their night ended like this. Most fortunately, the assailants weren’t successful, but it looks like Nikkie has some bruises from the encounter.

Hopefully the police are able to catch these scumbags. In the meantime, Nikkie has been relishing in some TLC with her friends…a very well deserved treat!

It’s so shitty that this happened to her, but we’re so glad she’s okay!


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