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Which Beauty Influencer Just Dropped Their First Merch Line?

Manny MUA just launched his merch line and people are losing their shit over it.

The long awaited release was originally teased a little over a month ago when the beauty Influencer tweeted a picture of himself in a gray hoodie while asking who was ready for him to officially drop some Manny MUA original merchandise.

Well the day is finally here! Everyone can take a deep breath now that the wait is over.

Besides, we have a feeling that you all are about to blow your paychecks on everything currently available on his site, so enjoy the steady breathing before the hyperventilation kicks in again.

Fans were literally sitting by their computers waiting to hit purchase the second his site went live, and already multiple items are sold out.

The products currently available are a pretty solid mix of hoodies, t-shirts and hats, aka the essentials to any wardrobe.

Congrats Manny MUA on the successful launch! We suggest that anyone wanting to snag some merch get on it now seeing as items are quite literally disappearing by the minute.