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This Beauty Influencer Just LIT INTO An Aruban Restaurant!

We’ve all had bad dining experiences, but Nicol Concilio’s was one for the books!

Nicol and her boyfriend, Nick Powers, are currently in Aruba where they’re celebrating Nick’s birthday. Based on their social media posts, it looks like they’ve been having an absolute blast in paradise.

Lmfao that wipe out at the end tho 🤣🤦🏼‍♀️ at least I was able to do it a couple times!! Had a blast

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Or maybe we should say they were having an absolute blast. After days of posting salivating Insta shots, the beauty guru took to Twitter to share a nightmare dinner experience she and Nick had. It sounds like they were trying to go to a classy restaurant for Nick’s birthday and had a very not classy experience. From bad food to inattentive servers to rude fellow patrons, we can really feel for Nicol and Nick!

The restaurant in question is Windows on Aruba and instead of addressing Nicol’s (perfectly legitimate) frustrations, they blocked her. Such an incredibly mature response from a corporation. No doubt they must feel right at home in a high school cafeteria with that kind of juvenile response.

Despite the shitty experience, it looks like Nick still had a great birthday. And, at the end of the day, they were in Aruba so at least there’s that!

A belated happy birthday to Nick!


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