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Beauty Influencers Are Salty About Not Getting A Birthday Invite

We might be alone in this, but birthdays feel like the one day a year when you truly are allowed to be selfish (to an extent) without repercussion.

Of course, you shouldn’t be a complete asshole, but if you don’t want to invite someone to your birthday party, for example, we believe that’s totally within your right.

Unfortunately for Manny MUA and Laura Lee, they got the short end of the party invite stick this year when Patrick Starrr apparently declined to invite them to his birthday celebration.

In a since deleted tweet, Manny subtweeted about not being invited to something, which Laura quickly responded to by more or less saying ‘same’.

Those on r/BeautyGuruChatter made the excellent observation that tweeting out something like this is really just dragging yourself more than anyone else, especially Patrick.

We totally agree, especially because Patrick Starrr is not one to be known to intentionally start drama. Also, going back to our original notion about this entire thing– it’s Patrick’s bday, meaning he gets to invite or not invite whoever he wants.

Manny and Laura seems to be extra close lately, which doesn’t really surprised us considering how salty they’ve been. Maybe they’ve found solace in their bitterness together?

Patrick doesn’t seem too phased by the whole thing, and we wouldn’t be either if we were him. He’s got a flourishing career, good friends, and has just teamed up with MAC cosmetics as their key artist collaborator.

So yea, we’d say he’s not concerned.


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