EXCLUSIVE: Is The Beef Between Logan and Jake Paul Finally Over?

After a week of diss tracks flying in all directions, the drama between brothers Logan and Jake Paul may finally have subsided, and we went behind the scenes for the full story!

Jake released a new music video, featuring himself and Logan, titled “I Love You Bro”, and much of the video was shot right here at the Trending All Day house! The video opens with a phone call from their mother, asking them to make up because it’s breaking her heart, prompting them to bury the hatchet.

We’ve got a few behind the scenes photos just for you, including our Trending All Day house and our I2I thrones the brothers chose to film on!

Logan also released a video on his own channel about his disappointment in the leaking the second verse of his diss track (the one he decided not to make public). Apparently a few fans filmed Logan while he was recording on the helipad and made the song public once they realized Logan was not planning on releasing that part of the diss track. Logan has requested the removal of the leaked content but for every one removed, dozens more pop up in it’s place making it an impossible task.

UPDATE: Logan Paul has just released his own music video in conjuntion with Jake, titled “The Rise of the Pauls.” Check it out now! Much of the video was shot in the same locations as Jake’s, including the Trending House roof and the I2I thrones were heavily featured as well!


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