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Beer Goggles Make Everyone Look Like Morgan Freeman

Whether it’s out of sheer awkwardness or a spike in ego, there is something so pure and hilarious about people who are mistaken for celebrities and then just go with it.


Most recently, an uncle named Norman (who was just trying to have a ‘stag’ weekend away) took full opportunity in seizing the moment that he was mistaken for actor, Morgan Freeman.

Simply put, this is hilarious.

Norman looks like he is fully enjoying his new found fame and we couldn’t be more proud of him. The fact that he likely didn’t pay for a single drink the entire night that he was out brings us such joy, and even forces our appreciation for the drunk people who mistook him.

The great thing about Twitter is that it not only creates a viral platform for those with the mistaken identity, but it also highlights those who did the mistaking.

We wonder what these people are thinking now that they’ve realized that Norman is in fact not Morgan Freeman.

In an effort to appreciate all other misplaced celebrity photos, we’re looking back on some of our favorite cases of mistaken identity.

1. Maisie Williams

2. Drake

3. Ed Sheeran

If you guys ever find yourself running into a celebrity while out and about in the world, word of advice, make sure it’s actually them.