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Believe It Or Not, You Can Become Instagram Verified. For A Price.

There is a black market for buying that coveted verified Instagram badge. But there is one catch…

It might cost you $15,000.

According to a Mashable, the fee for such a service varies widely and can run anywhere from a bottle of wine to the astronomical price of $15k and “it’s an open secret in the influencer community.”

One such person offering this service works with an employee of Instagram who gets him the access to the verification feature, and he in turn charges his “client” anywhere from $1500 to $7000 for his fee. Even then, it’s not guaranteed to go through successfully as Instagram is actively vetting the process and some employees have lost their jobs from selling access.

Apparently once you get that blue checkmark, you’ll be hit up non-stop by others vying for their own. Adam Rose told Mashable, “you end up getting a ton of messages from people asking ‘How you got that check mark, bro?'” Unlike Facebook and Twitter, there is no form you can fill out and apply for to become verified, making it the most sought after status symbol in social media.

The entire process may take anywhere from two to six weeks and if you don’t have thousands to throw at the gamble, it might not be worth it, but hey – YOLO.