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Bhad Bhabie Slams Facebook As She Gears Up To Release Snapchat Series

Bhad Bhabie promotes 12-episode Snapchat reality series “Bringing Up Bhabie” and sends a message to Facebook.

Bhad Bhabie will be coming to a phone screen near you because the rapper signed on to do a 12-episode reality series titled “Bringing Up Bhabie” with Snapchat.  The show is currently filming its first season.  “Bringing Up Bhabie” will document her personal life and rap career.  TMZ cameras caught up with the young star and she gave her take on a few competing social media platforms and talked about her upcoming reality series.

She shares that the premise of the show will simply be “a day in the life” of the 15-year-old viral sensation.  Things get juicy when the cameraman asks her opinion on whether or not Snapchat will “stay bigger and better than Instagram.

“I don’t know.  Snapchat’s really big.  I feel like Instagram and Snapchat are like the same.  Like Facebook is kind of what fell off,” says Bhad Bhabie.

Even though she threw a subtle jab she does admit that she would return to the platform even though she feels that Facebook is more for baby boomers than millennials.

“Facebook was for that generation before us and Instagram is like our generation.”

Although she fondly remembers growing up with Facebook and lying about her age to sign up for the platform, her last message for Facebook isn’t so sweet.

“Team Snapchat. F–k Facebook!”

Check out the full video below!


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