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This Just Might Be The Biggest YouTube Event…Like Ever!

Prepare yourself for the ultimate YouTube ride.

We have been waiting for something to truly rave about on YouTube and we think we may have just hit the jackpot! The best part? This YouTube event is going to be a charity! Dubbed the “Crash Bash” by the man who started it all, Roman Atwood posted this video on the first of the month.

And that was enough to send YouTubers everywhere into a frenzy to sign up!

There is now a full sheet of YouTubers who want to do this demolition derby and we’re calling it now: THIS WILL BE THE BIGGEST YOUTUBE EVENT OF THE YEAR! Check out who else is on the list!

Before anything gets too crazy, we’re gonna safely assume that this demolition derby isn’t gonna be like a typical professional one (if that’s even a thing) so we’re pretty sure it will be scaled down to accommodate any and all safety concerns.

We’re hoping to see some lady YouTubers get on this sign-up sheet! Can you imagine Lilly Singh or Jenna Marbles revving their engines into Logan Paul or Casey Neistat? We’re super excited to see this develop and hopefully soon we’ll be sharing footage!