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Bo Burnham Shows Off His Directorial Skills In New Chris Rock Special

Bo Burnham is low-key one of the smartest YouTubers out there and we were just shocked to learn that he was the one to direct Chris Rock’s return stand-up special!

Not only is it just hugely impressive for him to be directing on such a large scale in general (despite his impressive experience and resume), but it’s especially wild considering this was probably a coveted job to land because it was Chris’ first stand-up special in nearly 10 years.

Firstly, 10 years?? Where has the time gone?? Secondly, HUGE congrats to Bo on cultivating such a name for himself outside of YouTube.

Despite originally gaining notoriety from his own comedic YouTube videos, Bo has really gone on to work more so behind the camera than in front of it. Jobs like this one are obviously an example of that, but he also just directed his first feature film called ‘Eighth Grade’, which is currently premiering at Sundance.

Let’s not forget that Bo himself also has a comedy special on Netflix called ‘Make Happy’, in other words there’s pretty much no stopping this man, and everything he touches turns to gold.

Color us WILDLY impressed Bo.

Check out the trailer for Chris Rock’s special down below and don’t forget to check it out on Netflix!


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