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YouTube Gamer Boogie2988 Shares Update After Gastric Bypass Surgery

Stephen ‘Boogie2988’ Williams, the 43-year-old YouTube gamer with 4.2 million subscribers had announced earlier this year he would be going under for gastric bypass surgery to slim down.

That was in May, and Williams has now shared an update with us after coming home and beginning his recovery process. Fortunately, Williams says the procedure went smoothly with no major complications. However, he does admit to enduring overwhelming abdominal pain and difficulty consuming the caloric intake his doctors recommended.

Because Williams is on painkillers, he’s had trouble staying awake. As eager as he may be to start vlogging again, his current circumstance is making it difficult. Boogie is still on a liquid diet but says that in six weeks he’ll be able to eat solid food again. As of now, the thought of eating makes him nauseous, but he’s redefining his choices and for that we’re extremely happy for him.

Check out Boogie’s post-surgery update here: