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Who Is Boonk.ig And Why Is He Taking Over Instagram?

Boonk.ig on Instagram has been running around, acting like the joker, terrorizing convenience store employees and we are finding ourselves wonder– who is this guy?

John Hill, aka Boonk.ig, is a musician and an all around Instagram sensation due mostly to how absolutely fucking wild he is.

Recently, he was arrested, which was of course caught on tape and then promptly posted for all of his followers to see, but in general, arrests seem par for the course for Boonk.

Apparently it happens a lot. In fact, we found an article about him from a few months ago that documented his arrest at a Dunkin Donut in Florida for stealing a tray of donuts, but then returning it.

If this isn’t the most on brand thing to happen in Florida, then we don’t know what is.

Still, Boonk’s general antics have earned him an impressive 3 million followers as well as a #boonkgang Instagram crew that actively advocated a #freeboonk hashtag while he was locked up without bail.

Whether it was through the sheer power of Instagram or an actual successful bail, Boonk has been freed and is already back on Instagram making us all look on and wonder why?

BOONK OUT HERE FEELIN NEWYORK !! 😂😂😂😂😂🗽 #boonkgang

A post shared by BOONK (@boonk.ig) on

Most recently he was spotted in New York City getting some concerning looks from people who were passing by, and while we find the whole thing as fascinating and as hard to look away from like a car crash is, we also think we would give some pretty wild looks if we were ever to encounter him in person too.

Check out Boonk.ig on his Instagram to keep up to date with all his insane shenanigans.


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