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Brittany Furlan Accused Of Stealing Content From Sydney Adams

Influencer Brittany Furlan is accused of taking more than a little inspiration from another content creator she gave the stamp of approval to on Twitter.

Sydney Adams is accusing Brittany Furlan of plagiarism after the influencer posted a character eerily similar to Sydney’s own.  Sydney claims it’s no coincidence because Brittany ‘liked’ the skit when it was posted to Twitter so there’s proof that she saw the original character.

Although Brittany switched the name up, her skit also features a ‘dead Hollywood actress’ named Gertrude reminiscent of Sydney’s character Ms. Delano.

Sydney continued to call out Brittany on Twitter and Instagram.  She went on to accuse her of not only stealing from her but various other content creators.

Fans began to defend creators rights to draw inspiration from their peers and accused Sydney of being a hypocrite because she wasn’t the first person to use the old Hollywood actress persona for a sketch.

Although she had critics, she also had people who backed her original claim that copying people’s work is common practice for many big influencers like Brittany.

Brittany has yet to respond but she did upload a screenshot of her DM’s where fans were defending her.  Instead of addressing Sydney directly, she wrote a message thanking all her fans for their kind words.

Do you think Sydney’s claims are valid or are you siding with Brittany?! Hit us up @trendallday to let us know your thoughts!


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